ZENS Lifestyle Launches Two New Designer Collections In Furniture & Lighting

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Leading home decor and lifestyle brand ZENS Lifestyle, just launched two new exciting collaborations — one, with design firm Nendo Studio and the other, with industrial designer, Michael Young.

The company, which creates products that encourage mindfulness and balance, adds to its wide-reaching home product offerings with these new, modern lighting and furniture pieces. The new collections expand the brand’s presence and product offerings in the U.S. market, adding minimalist furnishings that are suitable for residential, workplace and hospitality spaces.

Working closely with acclaimed designer Oki Sato, the Nendo Studio Picto Series of furniture features shapes derived from the pictographic writing of Chinese characters. Transforming a two-dimensional profile into three-dimensional furniture that balances art and function, each of the four pieces is constructed with iron plates for strength and durability, making them perfect for residential or commercial settings.

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Crescent-shaped seats seamlessly welded at contact points are designed to be visually minimal and slim, but are strong enough to support full body weight and the wear and tear from everyday use. Balanced seamlessly atop triangular bases, large, rectangular and circular shelves stand out thanks to unexpected shapes. Pieces are available in white, green, grey, black, and red with pricing ranging from $554-$666.

The Angle & Arc Furniture Series by the established British industrial designer Michael Young takes the natural characteristics of bamboo and solid iron frames to create a minimalist style that merges Eastern and Western aesthetics. The texture of the iron frames is juxtaposed with the bamboo surfaces while the colors of the respective materials complement one another for a contemporary look.

Through a slow-bending process, selected bamboo strips form a seamless seat and backrest on the chair, while the iron frame reinterprets shapes connected to the Ming Dynasty into a modern context. Available with iron or steel frames, the pieces can be purchased individually or, as part of a complete dining set. Pricing for the table and chair collection ranges from $154-$777.

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Inspired by the sunlight that emerges through the trees in a bamboo forest, Michael Young continues to play with natural materials for the new lighting collection, aptly named Bamboo Lamps.

The bamboo for each light is carefully selected for its shape and color from the Jian forest in Eastern China. The bamboo is then treated in order to maintain its natural hue before being paired with lighting components.

Pink, white, or gray domed lamp shades created in either hand-blown glass or traditional Chinese handmade paper top the bamboo poles. Both of the lamp shade styles provide warm, natural light, complementing the organic finishes of the bamboo. The unique look bridges Eastern and Western design for a natural, environmentally-conscious effect. This collection ranges from $409-$653.

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