What to Eat in March: Snowball Kakigori & Black Truffle Sushi

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It’s been a rough winter — with freezing temperatures and all-around dismal weather, we bet everyone is tired of their same old Seamless order. This month, revitalize your dreary winter days with The Lobster Club’s latest winter menu items — a delicious new Snowball Coconut Kakigori inspired by both the tropics and snow days, and a decadent new ingredient on their menu: black truffle on the Tuna Rossini Roll.

See below for more details:

A Tropical Snowball For Two

A refreshing riff on everyone’s favorite tropical flavors, this fluffy and sweet Japanese dessert is the perfect way to help you cope with this unbearable winter season. Resembling a delicious ball of snow, the aptly-named Snowball Kakigori features layers of refreshing coconut, shaved ice infused with creamy coconut milk, rum toffee, with the option to add a shot of aged rum for the rum aficionados. The kakigori is a creation of renowned pastry chef Stephanie Prida, who blends wintery and summery bliss into one delectable dessert. The dish is sizable, so bring a friend to taste this tropical experience.

A Sushi Roll with a French Twist

It’s peak black truffle season, and the Japanese brasserie does not want you to miss out. The restaurant is now offering black truffle on its sushi menu, completing the essence of the Tuna Rossini roll. Inspired by the French dish Tournedos Rossini with a hint of Japanese flair, the roll consists of bluefin tuna, scallions, seared foie gras, and of course, shaved black truffle. Treat yourself this February with this creative and indulgent dish while it lasts.

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