Wacoal Donates Intimate Apparel to Nurses for National Nurses Week

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In honor of National Nurses Week beginning on May 6 and International Nurses Day on May 12, Wacoal has committed to giving back to and supporting those who put their lives on the line every single day.

To bring a little joy to nurses and medical professionals, Wacoal has donated thousands of bras and underwear to hospitals and organizations in the tristate area thus far, including Lenox Hill and hospitals from Northwell Health Group, NYU Langone and Overlook Medical Center in New Jersey, with plans to continue expanding donations in the coming weeks leading up to Nurses Day.

As a sign of Wacoal’s appreciation, the company is donating Ultimate Comfort styles because one thing nurses and medical professionals should not have to worry about is their undergarments when saving lives.

The comfortable styles provide support in and out of the emergency room — taking away one small stressor under these current circumstances.

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