Veuve Clicquot celebrated NYC boroughs Mural Walls in Brooklyn

Veuve Clicquot recently collaborated with five female artists, each from one of New York’s boroughs, to pay homage to the city and the brand’s legacy Madame Clicquot — the woman who transformed Veuve Clicquot into one of the greatest champagne houses in the world after taking over the business in 1805 when widowed at the young age of 27. The murals were on display until October 20th.

The commissioned artists include Megan Gabrielle from Manhattan, Allison Zuckerman from Brooklyn, Leah Tinari from the Bronx, Queen Andrea from Queens, and C. Finley from Staten Island. Check out more about these talented artists below:

Megan Gabrielle — Manhattan

Background: Megan lives in Manhattan and is currently working on a project dedicated to her Manhattan ladies highlighting woman making it in Manhattan

Inspiration: For me, New York City has always been a place that looked and felt larger than life, a place that for years I could only dream of visiting. Even though I’m from a slower-paced city (Sacramento, CA) I always knew that I would eventually call New York home. I imagined myself fearlessly walking down the endless avenues of Manhattan, taking in rooftop views and exploring Central Park. The saying “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” really spoke to me and after living here for four years, I realize I’ve already started to see my dreams become my reality.

Sketch: VEUVE POND — a dreamy Central Park pond with views of the skyline, women enjoying the day tanning, swimming and relaxing on a floating platform

Allison Zuckerman — Brooklyn

Background: Allison lived in Brooklyn for many years and her art studio is still based in Brooklyn

Inspiration: In the spirit of celebrating Madame Clicquot’s fearless, radical, and steadfast commitment to her entrepreneurial endeavors, I aim to evoke feelings of joy and community within this painting. I had dreamed of living in Brooklyn for as long as I can remember, savoring the knowledge that it was a hub of creativity, vitality, and historical significance. As the granddaughter of first generation immigrants, who were born and raised in Carroll Gardens and on Eastern Parkway, this opportunity holds immense significance for me. When I moved to New York, Brooklyn is where I landed. The distinctive energy of Brooklyn has fueled my inspiration and never ceases to amaze me. I thrive on this borough’s character. My experience of Brooklyn has been that of a sensory haven. The colors, textures, sound, tastes, and smells all find their way into my artistic outputs. By day, I drink Brooklyn in, and by night, I rejoice in it with friends, both new and old. Rooftops, music, and dancing have always gone hand in hand as part of my life in Brooklyn. Seeing the far reaches of Brooklyn, while looking out into the awe-inspiring Manhattan skyline, is a sublime reality, to say the least.

Sketch #1: As homage to the borough that has given me so much I have chosen to include the following within this painting:

A silhouette of a Ferris wheel — tribute to Coney Island’s “Wonder Wheel”

The Brooklyn Bridge — a connector of Manhattan to Brooklyn, and a construction that both I and my ancestors have walked countless times.

Photographs of walls outside of my studio — I took these photographs of the graffiti-adorned walls outside of my painting studio in Bushwick.

Nathan’s Hotdog inspired awning — I created a window awning, based on the colors of “Nathan’s Famous,” the original restaurant founded in Brooklyn.

Veuve Clicquot Balloons — these balloons create an atmosphere of celebration and weightlessness.

L Train Logo — on the right dancing figure’s shirt who also wears a hat inspired by Spike Lee’s movie “Do the Right Thing,” which takes place in Bed-Stuy.

Brooklyn Sports team — A left dancing figure wears a sports jersey in reference to the Brooklyn Nets.

“A Dance to the Music of Time” Nicolas Poussin — I selected a French artist, the leading painter of the Baroque style, as tribute to Madame Clicquot’s French heritage. (I minored in French during my undergraduate studies and spent a summer in France, absorbing the language and culture.)

New York Art Historical References:

“From Williamsburg Bridge” Edward Hopper — I’ve based components of the background from Hopper, a New York based artist from the 20th century.

“New York Mural, 1932” Stuart Davis — Parts of the reimagined Manhattan skyline have taken their inspiration from this work.

“Dance, 1987” Keith Haring — Veuve Clicquot Yellow figures based on Haring’s celebration of love and people.

Leah Tinari — Bronx

Background: Leah was born and raised in the Bronx

Sketch: OLD YANKEE STADIUM MURAL — a girl standing on Bronx street in front of an old mural of the old Yankee stadium, picturing it black and white greyscale and She is also wearing a tee with madame Clicquot also thought a quintessential I love️ NY shirt could be cool. She is squirting yellow mustard on an NYC pretzel.

Note: the girl is generic, I used myself for the drawings but it could be changed to anyone and any ethnicity.

Queen Andrea — Queens

Background: Queen Andrea is a pioneer in the graffiti movement, an art form and movement heavily associated with the borough of Queens.

Sketch: The main elements are: elegant large “Queens” 3D script typography, varied diverse patterns, larger sections of this elegant script, the Queen’s globe, the Manhattan skyline (as seen from Queens) and Veuve Cliquot colored balloons.

Note: still developing all the elements for the next round.

C. Finley — Staten Island

Background: Finley’s insanely colorful palette and positive attitude will create something beautiful for Staten Island

Sketch #3: Play on the Staten Island “Ferry” I personified her, she is pushing through the water like a ferry boat, creating a ripple!




Tony Bowles is one of the youngest sought journalists in the media world. He focuses on lifestyle, travel, entertainment, food, and more! Based in New York City

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Tony Bowles, Contributing Columnist

Tony Bowles, Contributing Columnist

Tony Bowles is one of the youngest sought journalists in the media world. He focuses on lifestyle, travel, entertainment, food, and more! Based in New York City

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