Venus ET Fleur x Jojo Anavim celebrate special and limited collection

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Famed NYC contemporary artist, Jojo Anavim, has been working with Venus ET Fleur for the past 2 years to create these one-of-a-kind works of art. Selling at $1,495 there were only 50 created.

Inspired by Anavim’s background in commercial design, each box showcases a powerfully visual journey of seemingly mundane, mass-produced objects accented with iconic imagery from the 1950s-70s.

All imagery mined from vintage magazines Anavim has been collecting for years, the result is a vibrant landscape of imagination and fantasy that is intended to transcend the viewer.

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“I wanted the boxes to marry the fluidity of neo-expressionist paintings and the immediacy of the American pop art movement. They channel a child-like consciousness in a fun and beautiful way, with the Venus roses on top serving as the icing. They take on a sculptural element, with the round-shaped boxes, the viewer can take in the works from 360 degrees which makes them truly unique. It’s not only your visual sense that is tapped, but the works capture your sense of smell and touch which makes each piece truly immersive,” says Jojo Anavim.

Each box was hand-painted and coated with diamond dust.

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