TOMS Announces Artist Series I First Drop with Monica Ahanonu

Mission-based footwear brand, TOMS partnering with six socially conscious LA-based artists this year to launch its 2022 ongoing Artist Series. TOMS will be launching limited edition printed iconic Alp footwear styles highlighting each artist’s work.

Today, TOMS kicks off the series with artist Monica Ahanonu and her piece ‘Diva Red Lips’, which will be featured on the TOMS classic silhouette. Monica is a leader in the digital space for black illustrators, her pop art creations provide access to opportunity and education about people from other backgrounds.

“TOMS shares a lot of the same personal values I hold, particularly in the area of boosting mental health,” Monica says. And that includes, “Encouraging people to speak out about their mental health and not be afraid to talk about it and get help if they need it.” In her art, Monica embraces exploring the full spectrum of emotions.

The TOMS x Monica Ahanonu — Diva Red Lips Alpargata will retail for $59.95 and launches today at TOMS is committing ⅓ of profits to grassroots good, supporting giving partners advocating for mental health awareness such as The Dinner Party & Homeboy Industries. This is the first of a multi-drop artist series this year.



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