Tiffany Trump, Marla Maples &Conor Kennedy attend Taoray Wang

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Today on Saturday, February 9th on day four of New York Fashion Week the Fall/Winter 2019 TAORAY WANG collection was presented at Spring Studios. Seated in the front row was Tiffany Trump (wearing Taoray Wang) along side her boyfriend Michael Boulos and mother Marla Maples. Other notable guests included Andrew Warren, Danielle Bernstein (wearing Taoray Wang), Kimberly Guilfoyle, Conor Kennedy (son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr), Chris Lavish, Masha Rudenko, Hofit Golan, Elena Matei, and Elena Galifa.

TAORAY WANG’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection, Eternity, is a celebration of “Eternal Beauty” from the women who inspire us. Eternity is symbolized by timeless women embodying their strength and femininity into a signature of inspirational ageless style, beauty and grace.

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Powerful tailoring, timeless stories of beauty, elegance and courage. This collection is dedicated to those who stand out and take charge of their destiny.

“I am inspired by the magnificent women that have redefined the standards of beauty crossing age boundaries to defy fashion’s elusive beauty standards. I am equally inspired by our millennial customers who are adding their own fresh, sexy and colourful signature to classic corporate suits.” –Wang Tao

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