The New York City Mission Society annual gala goes downtown

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It was a Monday night on June 3rd, 2019 in New York City where the respected non-profit, The NYC Mission Society held it’s annual gala. For several years the organizers and the board of the organization held the event at the beautiful and inviting Mandrian Oriental Hotel with impressive views of Central Park South.

Due to staff turnover and an overzealous event coordinator who wanted to attract a “younger crowd,” the Founding Families gala lost that special charm that made it a highlight of the busy Manhattan charity calendar. Anytime you have to travel downtown past 14th street, it’s an inconvenience due to train delays, traffic, and other disruptions.

Nonetheless, the party must go on…Jean Shafiroff, who is a longtime supporter, board member and co-chair welcomed guests to CAPITALE while wearing a custom-made B.Michael strapless dress.

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Mission Society of New York City held its 96thannual Founding Families Gala at CAPITALE in Lower Manhattan on Monday, June 3.2019. Pictured (from left to right) are: JeanShafiroff, Elsie McCabe Thompson, Katrina Peebles, and Stanley Rumbough. Photo Credit: PMC/Getty Images

“We’re here tonight for a very special cause, and that is to change the lives of the children we serve,” said Shafiroff in her opening remarks.

After Jean Shafiroff and the other co-chair, Mrs. Katrina Peebles left the stage, comedian Dana Goldberg began her gig as the host or should we say roast of Donald Trump, Jews and everything else that could possibly be offensive. Her comedy or lack thereof just simply missed the mark and was not appropriate for the occasion. If this is a way to lure a “younger crowd” to an organization that has been working tirelessly for over 200 years, the organizers at Mission may want to rethink this strategy.

The gala went on to honor scientist Philson Warner of Cornell University‘s Cooperative Extension and Grammy Nominee Alex Newell and Mission raised over half a million dollars. Was it a successful night? Perhaps. Was it a fun night? Not entirely.

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