The Mission Society of New York City Holds Annual Fall Harvest Feast

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Jean Shafiroff

Mission Society of New York City brought together nearly 400 New Yorkers for their annual Fall Harvest Feast at their Harlem location on Wednesday, November 20, 2019.

Mission Society Board of Directors, alumni, staff, and volunteers decorated the gym for the celebration, opening their doors to the community to enjoy a warm meal. This incredible evening was made possible through the generosity of Mission Society Board members, Jean Shafiroff, who underwrote the event, and Jay Moorehead who provided the aprons.

“It was a great honor to be able to serve our community. The Fall Harvest Feast is my favorite Mission Society event. It was such a joyful evening and it made my Thanksgiving extra special. I hope everyone who came had a great time, because we sure did,” shared Jean Shafiroff, Mission Society Board member.

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Jean Shafiroff and Elsie McCabe Thompson

Mission Society has been a part of New York City’s history for over 200 years. The Fall Harvest Feast is an opportunity to kick off a season of gratitude by welcoming neighboring families into their Harlem location.

“Many of our neighbors struggle to put food on their tables, and this event ensures they have a warm meal and plenty of food to bring home,” explained Mission Society President, Elsie McCabe Thompson.

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Year-round, Mission Society supports the under-served youth and families of New York City and works to end multi-generational poverty through innovative and engaging educational programs.

Since Mission’s founding in 1812, over 6.5 million New Yorkers have been impacted by their life-changing opportunities. Mission constantly re-imagines the urban learning landscape, and promotes academic achievement, sustainable career-building, and community enrichment.

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