The Bouqs Company best known for their flowers introduces new plant collection

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The leading online floral retailer The Bouqs Company is launching their first plant collection.

Available starting nowon, the collection includes seven different varieties of plants:

  • Gardenia (Fun Fact: Gardenias are members of the same family as coffee)
  • Oregano (Fun Fact: This oregano plant is purely ornamental and not for consumption)
  • Air Plant (Fun Fact: Air plants do not need soil, they absorb water and nutrients through scales on their leaves)
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  • Snake Plant (Fun Fact: Snake plants are great for first time plant parents as they are very low maintenance and resilient. NASA research has also shown that snake plants are able to keep the air inside your home clean, removing toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene)
  • Various Succulents & Cacti (Fun Fact: All cacti area succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Succulents store water in their stems, roots and leaves)

Stats on Plants

  • The 2016 National Gardening survey estimated that of the 6M people who had taken up gardening — including indoor gardening — 5M were millennials (18–34).
  • “Millennials were responsible for 31 percent of houseplant sales in 2016,” according to Ian Baldwin, a business adviser for the gardening industry.
  • Number of new gardeners who were 18–34 according to the 2017 National Garden Survey: 83%. Budding greenthumbs drove growth in the gardening industry to $36.9B in 2017.
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Health Benefits:

  • For many millennials, growing their plant family fills an emotional appetite for caregiving, similar to pets being the new “kids” of millennials. Flourishing plants, the more the merrier, are a badge of pride for millennials.
  • Urban dwellers are bringing the outdoors in with plants to offset anxiety induced by the concrete jungle of city life in addition to numerous other health benefits specific plant species offer.
  • Research shows that touching and smelling plants reduces stress. Both NASA and the American Lung Association credit plants for filtering common indoor toxins like formaldehyde, asbestos and carbon monoxide, particularly peace lilies, spider plants and English ivy. And a University of Exeter study also found that employees with plants in their workplaces were 40% more productive and creative.

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