The Balvenie Unveils Holiday Window in Partnership with Billy Reid

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Today, The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Billy Reid unveiled their holiday windows across the nation with a special display and at the Bond Street store (located at 54 Bond Street in Manhattan), reminiscent to a winter, Whisky wonderland.

This creative collaboration highlights the brands’ shared passion for craftmanship and has been enacted throughout the year via a series of special events at Billy Reid stores across the country. As we come to the end of the year, the partnership culminates in its largest and most visual collaboration yet — Billy Reid’s December holiday window displays.

From NYC to Alabama, The Balvenie has a prominent place in store holiday windows, setting a scene with mannequins donned in Billy Reid apparel from head to toe with the finest single malt Scotch accenting the rugged yet premium feel.

The windows themselves are filled with the latest collection from Billy Reid and plenty of Scotch, both in their bottles and in pristine clear glass ornaments that serves as a sparkling, whisky backdrop. At the Bond Street store, the street itself has a Balvenie branded custom Morgan Roadster parked outside, wrapped in a red bow and brimming with gifts (wrapped in Billy Reid craft paper of course). The scene is a photo-worthy backdrop and a great destination for those who are fans of the brands or looking to capture some content for the holidays.

The Balvenie was thrilled to have a chance to collaborate with Billy Reid in the holiday window process — a time that undoubtedly for fashion brands, is one of the most important of the year. So as every luxury brand and department store gear up to unveil their holiday windows this season, we hope you will consider that not all the most spectacular windows are on Fifth Avenue!

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