Supermodel Closet Envy! Look inside Amber Valletta’s Closet Now

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Gregory Brouillette for Vogue

Amber Valletta invites Vogue into her closet to take a full 360°look at her glorious wardrobe. Amber’s closet if full of history; from a dress from the first Marc Jacobs show, to a coat that was a gift from the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. Come take a peek at everything in Amber’s astonishing collection.

Shot in partnership with Google’s Daydream team with Jump cameras, the five-episode series takes viewers into the closets of legendary supermodels as well as industry icons like Kendall Jenner. The series is produced by Julina Tatlock of 30 Ninjas, which also produced CNÉ’s VR series “Invisible.”

Check out the second installment of Supermodel Closets here. Anyone can view the series on YouTube, but for the most immersive experience, pair your phone with Google Cardboard or Daydream View.

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