Stella Artois Wants You to Get to Know Your Neighbor this Holiday Season

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This holiday season, Stella Artois worked with documentarian Tatia Pilieva, on a social experiment to match strangers (and neighbors) for a beer and a bond.

According to a recent Pew study[1], fewer than one-third (31 percent) of Americans admit to knowing their neighbors. The number drops even lower to less than a quarter (21 percent) for respondents under the age of thirty.

And although we don’t often reach out, we do seem to share a positive association and longing to connect to our neighborhoods — often depicted in sentimental holiday movies or even the most nostalgic television shows that encourage us all to get to know each other better.

So why don’t we?

Fueled by this question, Stella is launching a series of nationwide activations to inspire people to open up to one another over a couple of beers. The brand unveiled a new docufilm in partnership with renowned documentary director Tatia Pilieva, that captures a social experiment revealing what happens when strangers who are neighbors meet for the first time.

Featured in the docufilm is the Stella Together Holiday Sweater Pack — a customized Stella Artois two-pack that serves as a catalyst to bring neighbors together — where two beers are cozily cradled in a red knit button-down sweater. Now, consumers can snag one while supplies last at

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