Star Wars and TOMS team up for a limited capsule collection

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Star Wars and TOMS have teamed up for a limited capsule collection inspired by the legendary saga. As always, every purchase enables the TOMS community — and now, Star Wars fans — to be a force for good.

Not so long ago, in a studio not so far away, TOMS paired a fleet of slip-ons and sneakers with artwork inspired by the original Star Wars trilogy to create a collection with intergalactic appeal, in sizes for men, women and kids.

Classic Alpargatas featuring custom, storyboard-style prints based on each of the three films, along with star-studded selects from the TRVL LITE Collection — an ultra-lightweight collection designed for life at the speed of the Millennium Falcon.

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Star Wars x TOMS will launch in July, 2019 in stores and online, with prices ranging from $39.95 — $94.95. Learn more at

We believe in a better tomorrow, and we have from the start. In 2006, TOMS pioneered the One for One® model. Since then, our community has provided shoes, sight, and safe water to more than 88 million people around the world.

Today, our model is evolving. In addition to providing for basic needs, we’re taking a stand on human issues. And when people wear TOMS, they’re taking a stand too — for the issues of today, and for a better tomorrow.

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