Spotted: Maggie Gyllenhaal & Peter Sarsgaard celebrate ‘Eternally Silenced’ launch with The Prisoner Wine Company

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Things are always interesting downtown and last night was no exception as The Prisoner Wine Company’s sensory deprivation dinner took place and celebrated the debut of its newest wine: Eternally Silenced. Host Maggie Gyllenhaal, star of HBO’s “The Deuce,” accompanied by her husband Peter Sarsgaard, led an intimate group through a “culinary taste of eternal silence,” as the cult-favorite brand celebrated its first-ever pinot noir.

Gyllenhaal shared what “eternally silenced” means to her, noting “the things that you try to eternally silence, are the things that make you want to drink a whole bottle of wine.” She continued, “the truth of the matter is, to say something or acknowledge something that has been silenced is really hard.”

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Toasting to The Prisoner Wine Company’s female winemaker, Gyllenhaal spoke about the impact of hearing and reading powerful words and thoughts, namely in how they can change a culture. Over flowing glasses of wine, guests basked in the elegant décor, striking design and profile of the new pinot noir.

The nontraditional wine brand provided a powerful setting, completely reimagining what’s expected of a seated dinner. In an all-black garage on the Lower East Side, wine flowed into glasses with the introduction of each new course — some completely devoid of sight and sound — before Gyllenhaal invited her dinner companions to remove their blindfolds and see the space for the first time.

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