Spotted: Jean Shafiroff Hosts Pre-Gala Kickoff Party For NYC Mission Society Gala

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Photo Credit: PMC/Getty Images

Last week on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Jean Shafiroff’s Park Avenue apartment was filled with over 100 celebrated people gathered to toast the New York City Mission Society. Spotted in a red B.Michael number, Shafiorff mingled, greeted and chatted with guests all night encouraging them to attend the charity’s annual Spring gala.

It was recently announced that the gala will be heading downtown…in an attempt to encourage the younger generation to get involved we’re sure. The Gala will be co-chaired by Shafiroff, Katrina Peebles, and Stanley H. Rumbough and taking place on Tuesday, June 3 at CAPITALE. Peebles who you can’t quite figure out was noticeably absent from the affair, but we are sure that she will be in attendance for the gala. It is our hope that with three co-chairs that they can agree on their speeches this year.

“Mission Society of New York City has been changing lives for more than two centuries, and I’ve been privileged — and humbled — to witness the impact it continues to make,” said Jean Shafiroff.

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