Sleep Consultations Now Available at Bulletproof Pop Up Experience

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This weekend, the Bulletproof Pop Up Experience in Soho will be hosting sleep expert Julie Westervelt, creator of the Sleep Crown Pillow to hold a one-day-only sleep consultation session on Saturday.

Open to the public from 10AM-6PM, Manhattanites will be able to sample Sleep Crown pillows as well as partake in a sleep consultation — designed to help you live a strong, sharper and more nurtured lifestyle.

We’ve also included Julie’s five ways to sleep better this summer for further consideration and can offer additional commentary if you’d be interested.

  1. Sleep in a cold, dark quiet room
  2. Use candles or essential oils to soothe your nervous system
  3. Don’t have caffeine after 2:00pm
  4. Ground your body before bed with yoga or mindful poses
  5. Side sleepers — Sleep with a pillow between your knees; Back sleepers — sleep with a pillow under your knees

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