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Valentine’s Day is an annual occasion to celebrate love and friendship, but this year The Alliance for Positive Change (Alliance) wants the entire month of February to be a time to share messages of love.

Since, February 1, the New York City-based nonprofit has launched “Share your #PositiveLove,” a social media-driven campaign showcasing how its professionals and Peers are making a difference in others’ lives through love, friendship, compassion, volunteering, and in many other ways.

“At the Alliance, we deeply believe that everyone has the ability — and deserves the opportunity — to feel better, live better, and do better,” says Sharen I. Duke, Executive Director and CEO of the Alliance. “Through this social media campaign, we want to illustrate how our colleagues are making a positive difference in others’ lives in ways both big and small.”

The “Share Your #PositiveLove” campaign is featured on Alliance’s social media platforms:

Facebook: /thealliancenyc

Twitter: @thealliance_nyc

Instagram: @thealliance_nyc

The campaign features images of Alliance staff and Peers who have been on the front-lines of providing support for New Yorkers with HIV/AIDS, chronic health illnesses, and substance issues. For 27 years, the Alliance has helped people get access to medical care, manage and overcome addiction, escape homelessness, get back to work, and find community,

Many of those featured in the campaign have worked at the Alliance for years, including New Yorkers who first came to the organization seeking assistance and then sought training to become Peers, credible messengers having a wide reach across New York City.

Each year, the Alliance assists more than 5,000 people and reaches more than 17,000 New Yorkers through outreach programs.

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