See the new Equality Collection from Banana Republic in Honor of International Women’s Day

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Banana Republic introduces a new Equality Collection capsule in honor of International Women’s Day, hitting stores today, February 19. A donation of $5 from the sale of each item will be made to the non-profit CARE ( ), which focuses on fighting poverty and the advancement of women and girls around the world.

Banana Republic’s Equality Collection is a limited-edition capsule of t-shirts and accessories that boast messages of empowerment, ranging from $18.00 (accessories) to $34.50 (t-shirts). The collection is now available in U.S. Banana Republic stores and on

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As an additional tribute to women this spring and a nod to next year’s 100th Anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment (granting women the right to vote!), Banana Republic incorporates symbols of women’s suffrage with iconic pieces designed in white — the color made infamous by the Suffragettes who fought ardently for women’s right to vote — into its spring core collections, offering symbols of solidarity, strength, tenacity in the continued fight for equality.

A sharp white pant suit and a collection of dresses photographed on nineteen diverse women build on the Equality Collection’s ideals and celebrate the Nineteenth Amendment and charge towards equality every day.

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