Seagram’s Vodka NEW Lime Flavor is A Taste of Summer

Today, Seagram’s Vodka adds Seagram’s Lime Flavored Vodka as the newest addition to the American-made brand and award-winning portfolio.

With a trusted name and proven history of excellence, Seagram’s Vodka is staying true to its commitment to quality while capitalizing on the popularity of citrus flavors with the launch of Lime. True to the versatility of the Seagram’s Vodka product line, the lime flavor is highly mixable and is sure to be the perfect ingredient for gatherings, large and small. Enjoy hints of lime in a refreshing cocktail, sipped neat, or over ice.

Seagrams Lime Flavored Vodka is now available nationwide. Check out an exclusive recipe for you to try at home!



2 ounces Seagram’s Lime

1 ounce lime juice

½ ounce strawberry simple syrup

½ ounce triple sec


● Rim your glass with sugar

● Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice

● Shake to chill and combine ingredients

● Fine strain into a coupe glass

● Garnish & Enjoy!

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