Royalton Luxury Resorts Go Green and Eliminate Plastic Straws

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In solidarity with the hospitality industry’s growing efforts to reduce single use plastic, Royalton Luxury Resorts, with locations in Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and soon to be Antigua, is strengthening their commitment to environmental sustainability. In joining the fight, Royalton Resorts is striving to help protect the ocean, natural habitats and wildlife well-being by eliminating plastic straws at every property, as of October. 1, 2018.

As part of their ongoing goal to make less of an impact on the environment, Royalton Resorts will continue amping-up green initiatives such as eliminating straws and adding a new, eco-friendly water filtration system at all bars and restaurants. In addition to the on-site activations, Royalton will lead monthly beach clean-ups and offer eco-focused experiences for guests to explore and help preserve their host island/destination.

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“We operate in some of the World’s most picturesque locations and are proud of our continued investment to keep them this way”, said Mauricio Zarate, Corporate Director, and Operations.

These new implementations are an exciting addition to Royalton Resorts’ sustainability program, which includes: recycling programs, solar energy utilization, dedicated on-site composting area, donations of surplus food peels to local farmers, light bulb updates to energy-saving LED lights, reduction of paper consumption, energy use reduction plans, and towel re-use programs in guest rooms.

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