Roosevelt Island Lights Up For March for Our Lives

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This weekend New Yorkers saw 4 beams of light projected into the sky along with a light installation on Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island.

Skylight, Prabal Gurung and Rolling Stone came together to create this work to support the March that took place in the city and around the country.

Skylight gathered the creative community for a two-night light installation at Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park to honor the lives lost in recent school shootings. Skylight Presents: “Freedom From Fear” is a dramatic light projection on the monument and were visible from the eastern side of Manhattan on Friday and Saturday nights, March 23rd & 24th. Four pillars of white light beamed into the night sky to symbolize FDR’s list of basic human rights, the Four Freedoms.

The installation featured:

  • #FreedomFromFear — A grass-roots call to action projected onto Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park monument which was designed by Louis Kahn to commemorate the Four Freedoms articulated by FDR in his 1941 State of the Union Address.
  • Rolling Stone has art directed the content showcased on the monument, designing the #FreedomFromFear message that will be projected throughout the installation.
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  • Fashion Designer Prabal Gurung has art directed and chosen a palette that speaks to his brand ethos that we are “stronger in colour,” a belief that inspires his collections, casting, and company practices. The chosen colors (Azalea, Azure, Guava, Raspberry, Grape, Scarlet) will appear projected on the monument itself, interacting with the #FreedomFromFear message, changing and blending from one hue to the next along the length of the monument.

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