Real Estate Agents Jared Barnett & Augusto Bittencourt Give Their Tips For Spring Real Estate

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We recently caught up with two top elite Real Estate agents — Augusto Bittencourt, an established Brazilian actor and singer, and former fashion executive Jared Barnett, 2 best friends taking over New York one luxury property at a time!

With a combined total of approximately 100MM under the roof of Manhattan Real Estate agency Town Residential, also home to Million Dollar Listing agent Steve Gold, reality TV is only seeing a snippet into the unprecedented glitz and glam of selling extravagant condos, townhouses, and villas.

The duo-agents are always aligned when it comes to their selling style, but their ying/yang personalities are entertainingly engaging — these rising stars are the perfect complement for giving you an inside look at some of the most sought after million-dollar properties in New York, current property trends, selling/buying in NY, exotic travel, interior/amenity must-haves, real estate, and more. They offer their advice on the spring and summer real estate questions, take a look below!

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Do you have an idea of what’s trending this spring/summer when it comes to listings?

Right now, buyers are looking for value. With the new tax reform, and mortgage rates expected to rise in 2018, buyers are looking to get the most for their money. In previous years, new developments were focused on the 5MM + ultra-luxury market. Today, a large portion of new Manhattan condo developments are being offered for 1–4MM, which is where there is the strongest demand. Many buyers want apartments finished in high quality materials and in buildings with a full range of amenities, and they don’t want to spend more than the low $2K ppsf to get it.

What key features do New Yorkers want in a million-dollar listing/what are the must-haves?

The must haves for buyers looking for a new luxury property (1MM doesn’t get you much in Manhattan!) are high quality finishes, high ceilings, large master bathrooms, lots of closet space (particularly in the master bedroom), light and views. Buyers also want to know if their views are protected by understanding the air rights around them and if something can one day block the view they are paying for. Many buyers are also drawn to buildings who have been built by known architects which can help a building retain its value over time.

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When it comes to travel and clients that are searching for villas or luxury properties, how do you go about finding these exotic, remote locations? Is this something that you handle normally?

At Town Residential we are a full-service company. We have partnerships with real estate firms throughout the world, so we are able to pair up our clients with experts in the country they are looking to purchase. We have a strong international clientele and have paired up clients with experts in London, Paris, Portugal, Spain and Brazil.

Would you be able to give some insight on “how to pick your Hamptons summer home?”

Stay away from houses deep in the woods! These are known for being bad investments. They tend to not appreciate in value and are quite hard to sell. The best properties are the ones closer to Town, making an easy walk or bike ride to the beach and many shops and restaurants. The best Hamptons investment that will appreciate in value are 3-bedroom homes with a pool and close to Town. Southampton and East go for similar prices; however, Southampton is more desirable because of the proximity to New York City. These start around 2mm. If you have a bigger budget, the ultra-luxury homes are oceanfront starting at least at 10mm and WAY up…

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