Peter Novak Recognized As GAMA International’s 2019 Management HALL OF FAME Recipient

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Peter Novak, an Award Winning Agent & Owner of Charter Oak Financial, a top agency of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), has been named to GAMA International’s 2019 Management HALL OF FAME. Pete shaped GAMA and the industry at large.

The GAMA International Hall of Fame Award is the highest honor bestowed upon distinguished insurance and financial services distribution field leaders. This prestigious award is presented at LAMP ’19 during the Celebration of Excellence Banquet, March 18, 2019.

Pete is a game changer, who conquered this coveted title against all odds. His career highlights include; global speaking engagements, creative mentorships, to being deemed as a thought leader in the GAMA Foundation Boardroom.

Pete combines old world spirit and substance, with modern style, true grit, worldly influence with heart. After having the financial industry as his foundation, Pete has diversified his portfolio to include; Chronos Art, custom crafted timepieces, V1 exclusive Vodka, and much more.

Pete is the guy next door and the consummate businessman, who embraces inclusion, diversity, and leads with love, tolerance and versatility, while performing at the highest business level. He is a renaissance man of all colors. His influence has been diverse and profound, as reflexed by a record of more than 40 letters of endorsement from peers, firms/agencies, universities, charitable organizations, a U.S. Congress representative, the Ambassador of Poland to the United States and industry thought leaders around the globe.

“Pete is a master at identifying and developing talent, leading to unprecedented agency growth and the respect and admiration of his peers throughout the industry,” said John Vaccaro, head of MassMutual Financial Advisors. “Pete’s contributions to our profession include board memberships, speaking engagements, and leadership coaching in both the United States and Poland. Pete is passionate about making a difference, and always serving in the best interests of his clients — and his desire to pay it forward is reflected in everything he does.”

The competition was fierce, but no match for the phenomenal Mr. Novak. He beat out all others with the highest marks:

  • Advancing the art and science of agency/firm building.
  • Advancing the mission and work of the financial services industry.
  • Enhancing the quality of public and private life.
  • Promoting professional education in the financial services industry.

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