Nick Cannon Interviews Drumline Obsessed Fan, Chance the Rapper, in New Episode of Quizzed

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Last week we had Charlie Puth with Courteney Cox take on Billboard’s Quizzed. This week is the fourth episode where we have Nick Cannon quiz Drumline’s biggest fan, Chance the Rapper, about the classic 2002 movie and the high-stakes world of show-style marching bands. The two banter back and forth laughing about what went down and Cannon’s experience on set.

Top quotes from this week’s episode:

  • Nick Cannon says to Chance the Rapper, “I can see that you’ve seen this movie”. Chance gets riled up and screams, “a million!!!” as a result of him giving so many details to all the questions. Chance admits he hasn’t seen the movie in a year and Cannon chimes in saying “I haven’t seen this movie in at least 28 years,” they both laugh.
  • In the second set of questions, Chance says “give me an Oscar man, this movie changed my life!”
  • Nick Cannon improves and shows Chance the face that Laila makes when she doesn’t need help carrying her books because she has a car, Chance gets playful and starts running through the options of why. The two of them start laughing as Cannon makes a face to “Worddddddddddddd”
  • Chance pauses to Facetime his wife, Kirsten Corley, and Cannon joins in on the conversation.
  • Cannon quizzes Chance and says, “Wouldn’t ya what to play a little Andy Stone, LL Cool J…” and together say, “Snoop Doggy Dogg, in the house.”

The episode concludes with Chance the Rapper saying that this movie is the reason he makes music and he got a drum kit two weeks after watching it for the first time. Cannon signs drumsticks as a gift for Chance and they together start freestyle rapping using the drums.

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