NEW Restaurant Opening: Leah Cohen & Ben Byruch — Piggyback NYC

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Set to open next month in October — the power couple behind Lower East Side’s Filipino-Thai spot Pig & Khao, Executive Chef Leah Cohen and Restaurateur/Designer Benjamin Byruch will be launching their newest restaurant concept in North Chelsea,Piggyback NYC.

Piggyback NYC will highlight familiar cuisine with nuances of Asian flavors, influences and techniques. Cohen’s curated menu of snacks, appetizers and entrees is designed to bring a melting pot of regions throughout Asia to the hustle and bustle of West 30thStreet, complimenting Byruch’s overall vision.

Menu highlights will include: *prices starting at $12

· Shrimp Toast Okonomiyaki — brioche bread topped with shrimp mousse, cabbage salad, bonito flakes, nori and homemade kewpie mayo and okie sauce

· Chả Cá Lã Vọng — rice noodles topped with pan seared cod marinated in turmeric, fish sauce butter, peanuts, dill and lime juice

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· Lumpia Shanghai — pork and beef spring rolls with a sweet chili dipping sauce

· Cantonese Style Pan-Fried Rouget — red mullet fish with shaoxing rice wine, sesame oil, cilantro and soy sauce

· Charcoal Smoked Dry Aged Ribeye (for two) — prime meat with roasted bone marrow, sweet and savory jaew sauce and green chili relish

Inspired by the duo’s years of overseas travel, Byruch carefully conceptualized and designed Piggyback NYC to serve as an evolving canvas of modern street-style art with one-of-a-kind tokens; home to several towns throughout Southeast Asia.

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Elements will include: floor-to-ceiling movie posters of American classics in Thai, vintage mahjong pieces, bottle caps from local breweries and postage stamps that will live throughout the restaurant’s walls and allow diners to follow along with their adventures.

Piggyback NYC will be open for both lunch and dinner service; available for private events in the rear bar-lounge, and will offer a beverage program with wine, beer on tap and cocktails.

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