New must-visit French restaurant Maison Close opens in SoHo today

If you are looking for a new downtown restaurant to enjoy with your friends or even a solo date (treat yourself) then you are in luck! Offering a sanctuary for celebration and luxury that blends the greatest aspects of New York and French culture, Maison Close officially opens today in the heart of Manhattan with approachable French cuisine, elevated beverages, and a celebratory atmosphere that makes both residents and visitors feel at home.

Maison Close’s unparalleled vibe dining experience features a menu of sophisticated, yet accessible French dishes developed by Executive Chef Geoffrey Lechantoux (Louis XV in Monaco, Trianon Palace in Versailles, Plaza Athénée in Paris, Le Jules Verne in Paris and Benoit in New York) including:

  • Belle Sole Meunière pan seared with a butter foam

Guests can also unwind at the restaurant’s luxurious bar featuring expertly crafted cocktails such as Madame Claude with Grey Goose Poire Ginger, lemon and cucumber juice, and rose seltzer, L’Amour en Cage with Remy Martin V, golden berries, lemon juice, sugarcane and egg white, and La Turlutte with Bombay Sapphire Gin, fresh raspberries, meadowsweet cordial, lemon juice, and Moët & Chandon Imperial Champagne.

“When you enter Maison Close, it feels as though you’ve entered the dining room of your oldest friend,” says Chef Lechantoux. “Our menu modernizes the idea of traditional French dining, and I’m excited to bring a fresh take on this classic cuisine to New York City.”

Maison Close is located at 15 Watts Street New York, NY 10013. The restaurant will be open Tuesday-Saturday from 11AM — Midnight, and Sunday from 11AM — 7PM. Beginning August 6th, brunch will be served Tuesday-Saturday from 11AM — 6PM and Sunday from 11AM-7PM. Dinner service will begin at 6PM Tuesday-Friday and 7:30PM on Saturday until closing.



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Tony Bowles, Contributing Columnist

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