New Fall Cocktail Menu Arrives At The Rickey In Midtown

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Last week, Midtown’s craft cocktail lounge The Rickey at Dream Midtown has launched its Fall/Winter cocktail menu crafted by Beverage Director Adam Koelb. The roaster of seven diverse cocktails all feature balanced flavor profiles, seasonal spices and unique presentations to complete a menu with options for everyone such as: a riff on a mezcal negroni with chocolate bitters & espresso, a theatrical dessert cocktail, a cold cure remedy, adult apple cider, among others.

Bittersweet Symphony ($16)

Riff take on a mezcal negroni; built with illegal Mezcal, espresso-infused Campari, Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth, chocolate bitters and an oversized ice cube infused with coffee beans. Delicate sweetness upfront with a smoky roundness, chocolate bitters and espresso infused Campari hint at bitter mole while the vermouth adds balance.

Banana’s Foster ($17)

Dessert cocktail; built with Gosling’s Dark Rum, Crème de Banana, lime juice, brown sugar syrup, smoked salt flakes, and garnished with a bruleed banana. Banana and dark rum flavors meld perfectly, while smoked salt flakes amplify the tableside experience.

Woodsman ($16)

Fall in a glass; built with Woodford Reserve bourbon, house-made allspice dram, maple syrup, lemon juice and muddled pear. Allspice and bourbon add spicy, woody notes, while the lemon juice and muddled pear keep the headiness at bay with touches of fresh citrus and fruit.

Secret Stash ($17)

Extreme sipper; built with Bulleit Bourbon, Sailor Jerry Rum, Ketel One Vodka, Punt es Mes and Carpano Dry Vermouth. Inspired by a Hemingway-era writer stashing their preferred potion, the highly potent cocktail is ushered to the table in a custom flask and hallowed out leather-bound tome.

The Peaty Penicillin ($17)

Knockout remedy; built with Johnnie Walker Black, lemon juice, rosemary, ginger/honey syrup and Caol Ila Single Malt floater. Evokes ‘medicinal’ qualities with the “queen of antioxidants” served with a syringe with hints of sweet bitter notes.

Farm to Bar ($16)

Seasonal harvest; built with American Harvest Vodka, Mathilde Poire, lemon juice, dry sherry, garnished with red grapes and pears. Aptly named, this lighter option channels fall harvest festivals and farm-stands into an eminently drinkable cocktail.

The Bonded Life ($16)

Adult apple cider; built with Laird’s Apple Jack, Zu Bison Grass Vodka, cranberry, agave, lime juice, a Strongbow Cider floater, sliced apple garnish. Includes Laird’s Applejack (produced in New Jersey by the Laird family since 1698), and celebrates apples in various states, from the apple slices in the garnish, to cider and finally the Applejack, which is essentially apple whiskey.

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