New Dewar’s Whisky Aged in Rum Casks?

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Dewar’s new whisky, called Caribbean Smooth is a harmonious blend of two distinctly different cultures, Caribbean Smooth is a premium 8-year-old Scotch, double-aged, and finished in Caribbean rum casks for a pleasantly unexpected smoothness and tropical finish.

With laws for Scotch whisky relaxing and opening new opportunities for heritage brands like Dewar’s, Caribbean Smooth will debut as the very first brand in an unannounced line of innovative cask-finished extensions that Dewar’s will be rolling out over the next few years.

Breaking with the conventions of whisk(e)y, the liquid’s flavor profile highlights subtle notes of apple, caramel, and biscuity cereal that slips into dark brown sugar and tropical fruit; finally offering brown spirit drinkers what they’ve been looking for — versatility. The new blend is also opening the category to a new drinking occasion during transitional periods, from day to night and summer to fall (the product launches in the US on October 1).

Served neat or in a variety of highball recipes, including the brand’s new signature cocktail serve, the Coconut Highball, which reimagines the classic with a refreshing blend of coconut and citrus flavors. Caribbean Smooth highballs are a delightful pairing for epicurean gatherings and entertaining moments with friends.

Caribbean Smooth celebrates the playfulness within the whisk(e)y category by bringing together unexpected cultural flavors from Scotland and the Caribbean to create something uniquely richer.

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