Neptune Wellness Officially Launches First DTC Hemp-Based Brand

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Last week, Neptune Wellness, the historically B2B natural wellness and cannabinoids extraction company, has announced the launch of its first direct to consumer brands — Forest Remedies and Ocean Remedies.

At launch, Forest Remedies’ Hemp-based balms, massage oils, ingestibles, and pet soothers are the highest quality hemp-based products on the market and sold at 50% less than the current market leader. Forest Remedies’ product line will expand quickly following launch, with innovative new products in the works, such as 3-D printed CBD teas.

Forest Remedies also today launched 21 single essential oils, created in partnership with International Fragrance Foundation (IFF)and will be launching exclusive aromatherapy blends later this year.

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Ocean Remedies’ first product launch — Krill Oil Softgels — are 100% pure Krill Oil containing no toxins or contaminants, designed to help improve brain, joint, heart and general health.

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