Mount Gay Rum Releases New Limited-Edition Expression — Pot Still

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Dating back to 1703, Mount Gay has cultivated centuries of unrivalled expertise in creating complex rich and aromatic rums. Located on the northern tip of Barbados, the birthplace of rum, Mount Gay is the world’s oldest running rum distillery. The history of rum and the history of Mount Gay stem from the same roots, and to this day, our rums celebrate centuries of refining our craft, paying homage to our heritage and creating progressive innovations as we continue enriching the genuine rum tradition.

Mount Gay Rum will be releasing a new limited-edition expression, The Master Blender Collection: Pot Still.

The second edition in the exclusive series and the first blend from the new female Master Blender, Trudiann Branker, Pot Still celebrates the original way Mount Gay made rum for about 200 years, using only rums distilled in double retort pot stills. After selecting a specific batch of pot still liquid, Trudiann placed it into virgin ex-whiskey casks for six months prior to bottling, to enhance the spicy and roasted nutty notes.

This small batch is so exclusive that only 4,920 bottles are available globally; only 1,002 available in the U.S. This edition is bottled at cask strength, 48% abv, to reveal its true intensity. The suggested retail price is $170.

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