Michael Jordan Brings Drop Culture to Tequila with “The Number Series” from Cincoro

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After pioneering limited-edition drop culture at the height of his career and changing the world of fashion launches forever, Michael Jordan is bringing that strategy to the spirits market with “The Number Series” from Cincoro — interested consumers can register for first access now on Shop.Cincoro.com! Cincoro Tequila, was founded by Michael Jordan, the driving force behind both sneaker and drop culture, and recently featured in The Last Dance as well as Travis Scott’s “FRANCHISE” music video.

Comprised of a limited number of the brand’s award-winning Añejo in a larger-than-life 1.75L offering, every bottle is engraved with a unique number, making each a one-of-a-kind item.

Over twice the size of existing Cincoro offerings, and designed to be a larger version of the original Cincoro bottle that Michael Jordan created with former Nike designer Mark Smith, this limited-edition series will be available only as long as supplies last.

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