Martin And Jean Shafiroff Host Kick-Off Party For Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s 61st Annual Summer Party

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Jean Shafiroff and Martin Shafiroff. Photo Credit: Rob Rich

“As most of you know the Hospital is without a doubt the most important entity to support in the Hamptons,” Jean Shafiroff told the large group invited for cocktails to her home in support of the Stony Brook Southampton Hospital’s 61st Annual Summer Party, on August 3, to benefit the Jenny and John PaulsonEmergency Department. Jean never wavers in her support. She’s chaired the Hospital Gala in 2010, 11 and 13, raising record amounts. This year, she and husband Martin will be honored for all of their hard-work and commitment to the hospital. Her reasoning is as simple as this, she said: “Think about it. No hospital? Do you want to live here? No. Without good health care, when you get sick, where do you go? And their care is superior.”

Lora Lafaro and Cindy Willis are gala Co-chairs. Honorary Chairs are Georgina Bloomberg, Fiona and Stanley Druckenmiller. Jane Lowey is Auction Chair.

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Jean Shafiroff and President of Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Robert Chaloner. Photo Credit: Rob Rich

The Shafiroff’s lawn in the estate section of Southampton still feels new. They razed their longtime residence a few years ago to build their dream house, complete with a glass-enclosed lap size pool, giving them the perfect setting to entertain for their causes.

Chief Administrative Officer Robert Chaloner has been a driving force for enabling Stony Brook Southampton Hospital to deliver first class care. He told the group assembled on the Shafiroff’s lawn, rather than being in the red, today, the Hospital has an 8 million dollar cushion. In fact, “The Hospital’s financials have never looked better.”

Chaloner listed some recent accomplishments: “We’ve partnered with Stony Brook, giving us new doctors. Our new Cardiac Catheterization (Cath) Lab opened a little more than a year ago and we’ve done more than 500 procedures. We’ve saved people that would not be alive today that live as far out as Montauk. The Phillips Family Cancer Center opened in May on County Rd 39. If you go to the Porsche dealer, don’t buy a Porsche — or buy one and then look across the street — you will see our beautiful Cancer Center. It’s the first in the Hamptons, with radiation in the ground floor, and medical oncology on the second.

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Jean Shafiroff , Fern Mallis and Janna Bullock. Photo Credit: BFA

Currently, the board is actively involved in planning two major projects. We finished the strategic planning for the new hospital building. And we’ve begun the planning and the architectural design work for the satellite emergency room in East Hamptons so we can expand our reach much more effectively.”

“We’ll be starting the architecture selection for the new hospital in the next months. So, the quality of the hospital just keeps better,” he added. “And with your help, we continue to make great improvement.”

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