Make 2018 the Best Year Yet With Ariana Pierce

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Studies show that only 8% of people stick to their New Year’s goals — let’s do something to change that. Make 2018 the best year yet with help from Ariana Pierce!

A young entrepreneur with a knack for dreaming up new and successful businesses, Superstar Nail Lacquer’s CEO Ariana Pierce is a fashion blogger, role model, and even author! Penning her book entitled Skip the Party, Start A Business!, Pierce shares personal life lessons and proven secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur!

The most important thing about goals is having one. Learn to think bigger and better with these inspirational tips from Ariana Pierce:

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  • Set Specific Goals: Whether you are looking to change careers, start a new hobby, travel the world or learn a new skill — nothing will happen if you don’t hold yourself accountable for the goals you’ve set. Start out with a few more realistic goals you are passionate about and set them by priority, segmenting them by importance. This helps to bring more focus on the urgent ones or what truly matters before you spread yourself too thin.
  • Gear Up With A Game Plan: Once you’re in the right mindset, it’s essential to draw up a game plan. What do you want to achieve? Detail every step you need to accomplish in order to cross off that goal on your list.
  • Track Your Progress: While most of us create deadlines, we can easily forget to put in the work that goes into them. For example, if you write down a goal to lose a little weight after the holidays, but don’t bother to make a routine for your workouts or stick to a healthy meal schedule — what do you think will happen? How will you know if the time you spent tackling that goal made a difference? Grab your planner and schedule what needs to be done daily or weekly for every goal. Mark off the days you successfully completed that part of your goal and don’t forget to celebrate small wins!
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  • Share Your Goals: When you tell someone else about your dreams, it not only holds you accountable — you will be even more motivated to follow your game plan and reach those goals. Support from friends and family is the perfect energy boost whenever you find yourself feeling drained or you need that extra vote of confidence!
  • Focus, Focus, Focus: While some things take more time than others and people may achieve their goals faster, try not to compare yourself — focus on what you want to accomplish. It can be easy to give up when the going gets tough, but push through and have patience to see the results of all your hard work!

This year is yours — what will you do with it? Set your goals in style with Ariana Pierce!

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