M.Gemi to Launch First Permanent Store in NYC’s Hudson Yards

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M.Gemi has its sights set on a permanent store at the newly developed Hudson Yards in New York City.

Opening on March 15, the Italian cafe-inspired space will span about 1,450 square feet and feature a charging station, lounge seating and a coffee bar where customers can enjoy an espresso while they shop. The store will also offer VIP shopping appointments powered by Resy as well as an ongoing series of community events.

“We began experimenting with physical retail pop-ups in 2016, and quickly found what we refer to as a ‘super consumer’ — our clients who shop both online and in store,” said co-founder and president Cheryl Kaplan. “These super consumers are our most loyal clients and they purchase more often, have a higher average order value and return less than the single channel shopper.”

M.Gemi currently has an outpost at the Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street, which opened as part of the department store’s redesigned shoe floor in April. It had also ran a pop-up shop in the city’s Soho neighborhood from September 2016 to last August. At the pop-up, the brand noted that about 30 percent of purchases were shipped out of the tristate area to clients who were said to be visiting New York City for business or vacation.

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