London’s St Christopher’s Place Launches Bespoke Art Installation To Celebrate The Royal Wedding

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Today, London favourite St Christopher’s Place have officially launched a bespoke art installation to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

Renowned street artist and creator of the iconic London Brixton Bowie mural, Jimmy C, channels his signature aerosol art to honour Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The artwork was inspired by the infamous photograph announcing the couple’s engagement.

The painting will be a visual focal point, on display to the public from 10th May until September 2018 providing the perfect selfie backdrop for adorning fans.

This individual design honouring Harry and Meghan will be Jimmy Cs most recent exclusive piece, seen for the first time at St Christopher’s Place. The artwork was inspired by the infamous photograph announcing the couples engagement. Jimmy C liked the idea of focusing in on a detail, a gesture of intimacy with the hands enlaced, rather than a traditional portrait.

The painting has been painted in his signature aerosol pointillist drip style, and is made up of many layers of dripping dots rendered in a palette of pastel colours. The artists heart motif has been incorporated into the painting and combines the colours of the Union Jack. These colours also appear in the background making a further reference to the colours of the flag with the purpose to give the image a feeling of elegance as well as reflecting the theme of love.

This new installation is the second Royal moment for St Christopher’s Place. In 2016, the beloved street unveiled a portrait of the Queen by Frederick Wimsett to celebrate the Monarchs 90th birthday. Hosted by St Christopher’s Place, this commemorative installation provides the perfect opportunity for Londoners to escape from the hustle and bustle of the capital in an oasis in the midst of London.

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