Leon Isaac Kennedy to receive the prestigious Peachtree Village International Film Festival Legends Award this year

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Leon Isaac Kennedy is already in the history books as a creative pioneer in radio — TV and movies.

Known for his Classic Action flicks, Leon is looked upon as a Filmmaker’s Icon. One of Hollywood’s First Minorities to take a project from the Idea Stage — Script It — Raise the Financing — produce and Star in the Project.

“Penitentiary,” starring Leon Isaac Kennedy, became the Number 1 — not Black Film — but The Number 1 Independent Film of The Year!! — A very prestigious achievement — especially back in that climate of limited opportunities.

Kennedy was one of the first Minorities to deal directly with the Foreign Film Buyers — thus dispelling the myth that Black Films have no overseas commercial value.

As a result of his pioneering efforts, Kennedy’s Films have played in virtually every country in the world and opened many doors for today’s Independent Filmmakers, as well as many of the opportunities that Minorities in media enjoy today.

Kennedy states, “I want to work with this generation of Filmmakers. I want to save them the money — and just as important — save them from the wasted times and barriers that I had to go through — just to get a film made and distributed.

Kennedy is known as “The Godfather of today’s Independent Filmmakers.” Ice Cube and many others have respectfully stated — “Leon busted open the doors for the rest of us!”

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