Laverne Cox Is a Party Girl in Boozy New Holiday Campaign

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To kick off the Holiday season with fun and mischief, Smirnoff recently unveiled the brand’s latest campaign starring Emmy-nominated actress and LGBTQIA+ advocate Laverne Cox. The Holiday campaign, which lives across TV, digital and social, features Cox charismatically floating through a festive and over-the-top party where Smirnoff steals the show by embracing the unexpected and offering something for everyone (of legal drinking age, of course).

The party features Smirnoff in unexpected ways including a festive Holiday tree made of Smirnoff №21 green apple martinis, a Smirnoff Kissed Caramel Moscow Mule cocktail hidden underneath a fruitcake, a beautifully wrapped bottle of Smirnoff ICE and a naughty and nice pairing — indulgent Chinese takeout and zero sugar Smirnoff Seltzer Raspberry Rosé.

“Working with Smirnoff is just a joy,” says longtime brand partner Laverne Cox in a statement. “I love how they’re always upping their game, making each campaign more creative and unexpected than the last, so coming to set is always such a fun experience. Smirnoff is my go-to for the Holiday season because they have something for everyone, whether you’re stuffing stockings and wrapping gifts or bringing party favors to a fabulous soiree.”

Smirnoff is donating net proceeds from streams and downloads of the song through June 2020 to Transgender Law Center, the largest transgender-led civil rights organization in the U.S., guaranteeing a $10,000 minimum donation.

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