Las Brisas Hacienda Jurica Celebrates 50 Years

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For the last five decades, Las Brisas Hacienda Jurica Queretaro has been top of its class in hospitality and the first choice among guests within the region. This month, Hacienda Jurica is celebrating 50 years of hotel excellence.

Throughout its development, the hotel introduced its brand-new Convention Center, which offers the best technology and ample space to host hundreds of attendees who carry out a variety of events on the property. Hacienda Jurica will continue to make history in Querétaro with the remodeling of its 182 rooms.

In 50 years, Hacienda Jurica has seen:

Hacienda Jurica in Queretaro is a breathtaking colonial-style hacienda that was built in the 16th century. The native Tarascan Indians of the region named it Jurica (“Place of Well-Being”) for the thermal and crystal waters that surround the property.

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Rich in history since its inception, Hacienda Jurica was converted into a luxurious 182-key hotel in 1969, and is now adorned with majestic gardens, beautiful statues and antique art and furniture throughout. An original grand aqueduct details the outside, and the hotel offers unrivaled cuisine in an authentic colonial country environment.

The affluent neighborhood of Jurica, which is part of Queretaro, has preserved its historic heritage and is known as an important crossroads — literally and figuratively — in Mexican history.

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