Kiss Your Loud Blender Goodbye This Fall

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Loud blenders and mixers are some of the most common kitchen annoyances that every home chef faces. However, Quiet Mark is making it easier for shoppers to find the quietest, highest-performing appliances to make their home a more peaceful space. Now that summer is coming to an end and folks will be spending more time at home and doing more meal prep, you don’t want any loud kitchen appliances!

Don’t know what the Quiet Mark seal of approval is? They’re a rigorous, nonprofit testing company that certifies products as the top-functioning and softest-sounding in their category. SMEG, Braun and Magimix have joined the quiet moment as some of the first brands in the U.S. to receive this certification — see below for more!

SMEG Stand Mixer

This stand mixer combines iconic mid-century style with modern features such as ten speeds with smooth-start function, three attachments (whisk, beater, dough hook) — all while running whisper-soft and earning the Quiet Mark seal. Whether you are mixing cake, cookie or muffin batter, this is one piece of fine machinery everyone should have in the kitchen.

Braun MultiQuick MQ725 Hand Blender

The patented PowerBell system and Braun’s SplashControl technology work together reducing suction and unwanted noise during every use, blending faster and more evenly, and virtually eliminating splashing. This hand blender comes with a blending beaker and the EasyClick Accessory System to let you switch from the blending wand, whisk, and 1.5-cup chopper, perfect for any food processing tasks in the kitchen.

Magimix Cuisine Système 5200XL

Designed for larger family and entertaining needs, this food processor is ideal for catering to multiple people. Built better to last longer, the 5200XL has a powerful ultra-quiet commercial grade induction motor with unbeatable 30 year guarantee and is the only food processor to be awarded the Quiet Mark accreditation.

NutriBullet Blender Combo — Brand’s full-size blender

  • The brand’s first full-size blender.
  • First product donning NutriBullet’s new branding/look as the company transitions from an ‘as-seen-on-tv’ product, to a health-conscious lifestyle brand.
  • It’s two-in-one kitchen appliance — a traditional single-serve NutriBullet AND a full-size blender, perfect for parties/gatherings.
  • You can now blend hot soups, dips, foods, etc. thanks to the full-size blender vessel that includes a vented lid. (Do not blend hot items in the single-serve blender cup.)
  • Available on:;;

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