Kick Off Summer With Some Summer Bubbly Rosé From Moët & Chandon

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The first official day of summer is tomorrow and can only mean one thing — you need some rosé, right? There’s no better accessory to beat the heat than a cold bottle of bubbly, and this summer, Moët & Chandon will offer an assortment for every champagne lover’s taste, from dry to sweet, all available nationwide. Take a look below:

Moët Imperial Brut Rosé

(SRP $39.99): Moët’s iconic Impérial Rosé NV is a spontaneous, radiant pink bubbly that will seduce your senses. The wine’s bright fruitiness and lively, intense bouquet of red fruits and florals make for a perfect summer pairing.

Moët Grand Vintage Rosé 2009

(SRP $69.99): For an even more tempting sip, add a touch of style and sophistication with Moët’s newest Grand Vintage rosé champagne. Aged for 7 years in Moet’s historic cellars, this wine’s initial notes of ripe berries, rhubarb and violets are followed by vanilla and pink peppercorn. With a light, airy elegance and soft, gentile texture and finish, this luxury wine delights with a refinement best enjoyed throughout a meal.

Moët Nectar Imperial Rosé

(SRP $49.99): A celeb favorite often enjoyed by the likes of Kendrick Lamar, J-Lo, Swizz Beatz and more, Moët Nectar Imperial Rosé delights with an elegant sweetness and intense fruitiness.

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