Jonah Bokaer Choreography celebrates Merce Cunningham’s centennial with World-Premiere at the 25th Annual 92Y’s Harkness Dance Festival

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Photo credit: copyright Julie Lemberger Pictured above: Jonah Bokaer performs at 92Y Harkness Dance Festival

92Y’s Harkness Dance Festival celebrated its 25th season celebrating Merce Cunningham’s centennial. For five weekends from March 1–30, HDF presents performances of Merce Cunningham’s own choreography including Cross Currents, Doubles, Landrover, Loose Time, Scenario, Septet, and Trails, danced by New York Theatre Ballet, Melissa Toogood, Calvin Royal III and New World School of the Arts.

The Festival continues with four weekends of world premieres representing four generations of Cunningham dancers who established companies of their own — Douglas Dunn (Douglas Dunn + Dancers), Dylan Crossman (Dylan Crossman Dans(c)e), Jonah Bokaer (Jonah Bokaer Choreography) and Ellen Cornfield (Cornfield Dance).

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Photo credit: copyright Julie Lemberger. Pictured above: Jonah Bokaer Choreography performers and composer Alexander Turnquist at 92Y Harkness Dance Festival

Jonah Bokaer, who danced with Merce Cunningham from 2000–2007, presents two world premieres for his company, Jonah Bokaer Choreography. Bokaer cultivates a multi-disciplinary approach to choreography that merges with art and design by enlarging the role of contemporary performance to enhance its contribution to society. “Conceptual, precise, breathtaking”, Bokaer is the author of 60 choreographic works.

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