Jean Shafiroff Spreads Holiday Cheer On Long Island With Holiday Toy Gun Exchange

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Jean Shafiroff with children at supervised Toy Gun Exchange

In the Village of Hempstead, New York, philanthropist Jean Shafiroff sponsored a toy gun exchange for over 100 children. Mayor Don Ryan and other public officials joined Jean Shafiroff at Brierley Park where an exchange of toy guns for non-violent toys that promote safety occurred.

Jean Shafiroff donated all the new toys in the wake of the spike of shootings which have occurred in the New York-Metropolitan area.

In past years, Ms. Shafiroff has also sponsored the Toy Gun Exchange. The children were very happy to turn in water pistols and replica firearms for other toys- ones that did not promote violence.

All in attendance wore masks and practiced social distancing. All children were accompanied by an adult. Children and accompanying adults lined up and came into Brierley Park two and three at a time. The event occurred peacefully and without any disturbances.

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