Jaime King and Rainbow Light Kick Off 25th Anniversary By Donating Life-Saving Vitamins to Women in Need

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Actress, Jaime King, recently hosted an L.A. event with leading supplement brand, Rainbow Light on April 30th at Claris Health in Inglewood, CA to benefit women in need.

Jaime was the guest host assisting with unloading the truck of vitamins to donate to women and their families who are fighting malnutrition in addition to meeting with the clinicians and staff.

Rainbow Light is a founding partner of Vitamin Angels and they are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year with the Shine Your Light™ campaign.

To celebrate the organization’s 25th Anniversary, Rainbow Light has planned the first-ever domestic vitamin drops to help underserved communities across the United States.

This LA event kicked off a cross-country journey where the teams will be visiting 25 communities through the summer, donating vitamins to at-risk mothers and children. Mothers living in difficult conditions face incredible challenges. A healthy pregnancy should not be one of them. Delivering prenatal vitamins at this unprecedented scale is critical and achievable within the next decade.

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