Ivana Trumps Responds To “First Lady” Comments Made By Melania Trump

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Today, Friday, October 13th, Ivana Trump appeared on The Wendy Williams Show. The former wife of President Donald Trump, has been making the media rounds promoting her new book ‘Raising Trump.’ Earlier this week Ivana was quoted saying, she was Trump’s first wife, and therefore is ‘First Lady.’ Melania’s spokesperson responded by stating that there was no substance to Ivana’s comments and called her attention-seeking.

Ivana cleared the air and told Wendy, “I tell you, I’m technically ‘First Lady Trump,” she went on, “I was first wife. I don’t know what is Melania’s problem. She just have to get over it. She is First Lady of America but I’m First Lady Trump, excuse me, and have three grown up kids.”

When asked about Melania’s response back to Ivana’s comments earlier this week she said, “I have no idea why she did it, because I never said said I’m ‘First Lady of America.’ Better her than me, frankly, you know.”

Watch the full interview below:

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