Irish Georgian Society Hosts Kick Off Event

Credit: Annie Watt

O’Sullivan Antiques on East 10th Street was the scene of a lovely cocktail reception given by The Irish Georgian Society on Thursday, September 21st as a prelude to the Gala Dinner at The New York Yacht Club on Wednesday, October 25th.

Hosting the party were members of the American Board of Directors of the Society including Board President Beth Dater, Chantal O’Sullivan, Annette Lester, Marti Sullivan, Paul Keeler, Liz King and John Sullivan. Also in attendance was Michael Kerrigan, the Executive Director of the Society in the United States.

Credit: Annie Watt

While mingling with other guests, friends of the Society were treated to stunning examples of Irish Georgian furniture that filled the showroom that board member Chantal O’Sullivan has so carefully curated. She explained, “In the 18th century Dun Laoghaire (formerly Kingstown) was the first port for ships bringing mahogany from Cuba so Irish craftsmen had the best wood. We find Irish Georgian pieces are freer and more whimsical than the London carvers. You’ll find masks and harps ornaments. Carvers quietly offered opinions of landlords who commissioned their pieces in the rendering of these faces. It’s what we love.”

To learn more about the New York Gala Dinner on October 25th, please contact Executive Director Michael Kerrigan at 312–961–3860 or

The Irish Georgian Society promotes awareness and protection of Ireland’s architectural heritage and decorative arts. It achieves this through conservation projects that have saved many important historic buildings; through education programs that encompass seminars, publications and architectural tours; and through campaigning for the protection of endangered buildings.

Credit: Annie Watt

The Irish Georgian Society, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the United States, which encourages the appreciation and conservation of Ireland’s architecture and the decorative arts.

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