Inside The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation’s First Annual Barkin’ & Meowin’ Brunch

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Julie Sinaw, Jean Shafiroff, Katie McEntee

On Sunday June 10th, the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) hosted their first annual Barkin’ and Meowin’ Brunch to kick off their Ninth Annual Unconditional Love Gala, which is to be held on July 21st, 2018 at a private residence.

The brunch was held at Calissa Restaurant, which donated 20% of their proceeds to the shelter, and welcomed guests including Gregory D’Elia, Unconditional Love Gala 2018 Chairman, Jean Shafiroff, Honorary Chair Unconditional Love Gala, Beau Hulse, Co-President of the Board, Jerry Rosenthal, Executive Director, Beatrix Parash, Director of Development and Fundraising, Katie McEntee, Junior Chair Unconditional Love Gala, Brigid Fitzgerald, Board member, Renee Schlather, Board member, and Unconditional Love Junior Committee members attending including, Jessica Macklin, Christine Prydatko, Julie Sinaw, James Marzigliano.

A bar was set up to make Aperol Spritzes while oversized bottles of rose were poured to accompany delicious dishes including French Toast with Sour Cherry Compote with whipped yogurt. The menu also featured eggs from local humane farms including Browders Farm.

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Kayla Chantelle, Joie Jager, Marina Coche

During brunch, guests were entertained with a fashion show by Marina St Barth, and after, an auction was held where they bid for the chance to win a Rose Soiree at the restaurant worth $1,500, a basket of summer wines from Sovereign Brands worth $500, and a Sommelier Blackjack at Amali in New York City.

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