Inside the NYC World Premiere red carpet screening of ‘The Big Break’ presented by VICE

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Producer/action director Loren Herbert, actor David Shabtai, director/actor Gil Freston and producer Jack Heston ©David Willams

NYC celebrated the world premiere of THE BIG BREAK, a 15-minute high octane mini-movie satire on the Hollywood industry, written, directed and produced by Gil Freston (Paladar) and starring David Arquette (Scream) and presented by VICE Media (world online premiere Thursday, January 17, 2019).

Notable attendees included: Producer Loren Herbert, actor David Shabtai, filmmaker Gil Freston, producer Jack Heston, actor Waris Ahluwalia, and Michelle Herbert.

The 20 minute “mini-movie” applies a blockbuster films production quality to an intense story-line paying homage to 1990s classic films which inspired the production including The Player, Heat and True Romance — in its look/cinematography (Derek McKane), special effects (Lucien Harriet, Josh Hackasian), wardrobe (Annie & Hannah) and stunt teams from Lethal Weapon (Ryan Gray, Adam Hart) and film Blade Runner 2049 contributing to the production of the film, working in tandem with Action Director, Loren Herbert.

The film screened as an official selection at the 22nd Annual LA Shorts International Film Festival 2018.

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