Inside The Abasi Rosborough Fall/Winter Collection

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On February 6th 2018 at 1PM ABASI ROSBOROUGH had their debut show at NYFW at Cadillac House, as part of the official NYFWM calendar. Now in their 11th season, Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough decided to present their Autumn Winter 2018 collection accompanied by the beautiful tunes of Singer Kelela and inspirational imagerie by Justin Brice Guariglia.

Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough are American designers of Nigerian and Scottish origin, living and working in New York. Their aesthetic embodies a tailored militancy intertwined with progressive anatomical and architectural references, which has been shaped by Abasi’s eight years as a sergeant in the US Military, and Rosborough’s back- ground in basketball and art.

They met in school whilst studying tailoring and menswear design at FIT and developed their first collection together in 2013. Although their work has evolved to include sports- wear, Abasi and Rosborough have stayed true to their initial vision to steadily reimagine tailoring for the 21st century.

Abasi Rosborough collections are made ethically in New York, using sustainable and recycled deadstock fabrics found in warehouses throughout the city, and sold in boutiques around the world.

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