Inside The 23rd Annual Kumquat Festival in Dade City

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This year was the 23rd anniversary of the Kumquat Festival, which takes place every year on the last Saturday in January in historic Dade City.

Kumquats, often referred to as “little gold gems of the citrus industry” are the star of the show in this one-of-a-kind festival. Hundreds of vendors showcase everything from kumquat pie to kumquat cookies, smoothies, ice cream, kumquat-infused craft beers, kumquat marmalade, salsa, sangria and everything in between.

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As many as 35,000 people attend the one day event every year, with more than 400 vendors filling the historic downtown core.

Ahead of the festival, the Kumquat Growers Packing House hosts an open house complete with a informative talk (celebrating the origin and history of kumquats in the Dade City area), a tour of the Packing House (which explains how kumquats are picked, processed, packaged and shipped), and grove tours every 30 minutes.

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